Within these contracts, comprehensive solutions including project documentation, verification
of guaranteed parameters and provision of procedural guarantees are designed and implemented.
For these projects, products and technologies for process and wastewater treatment developed
and operationally tested within the Veolia group are mainly used.
Together with the customer, we are looking for an optimal solution, that will combine the requirement
of minimal impact on the environment during the realization of the order and following operation
of technological equipment (material selection, life cycle, waste quality and quantity, water impact
index, carbon footprint) with reasonable investment and operating costs while ensuring operational
safety and elimination of operational risks.
The target group is mainly customers in the industrial sector in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.
In the framework of such a contract, we provide and execute:

  • Assessment of the current state of technical and technological devices
  • Analysis of customers’ needs
  • Selection of optimal technology
  • Economic and operational comparison of individual technologies
  • Elaboration of project documentation needed for different stages of preparation and realization of the contract
  • Design and realization of the measurement and control system, including implementation into a customer’s system
  • Contract management and subcontractor management
  • Production and acceptance of equipment at manufacturers (FAT)
  • Ensuring construction and assembly
  • Commissioning, testing, guarantee operation (verification of design parameters)
  • Operator training
  • Other services such as remote monitoring of operation or post-warranty service

This type of contract activity also includes public contracts in the municipal and industrial spheres
competing according to the pre-approved project documentation, in which it is possible to use its own technical solution.
Target customers are public entities or construction companies and, last but not least, project
organizations, that are in charge of pre-project studies or grant applications.