Our portfolio of solutions contains both usual technologies (i.e. ion-exchange or membrane
technologies for the production of feed water in energy industry or production of super-pure water
for microelectronics, separation and filtration of surface water, biological wastewater treatment plants)
and technologies using modern techniques and methods (Best Available Technologies). These
technologies were developed in accordance with Veolia's sustainable development policy, with the
aim of minimizing the environmental impact of production and facility operation (choice of materials,
life cycle, waste quantity and quality, water impact index, carbon footprint) and minimizing of risks in
+balance with acceptable investment and operating costs.
Our technologies for process and drinking water treatment:

  • Clarification – we propose variants of high-load clarification technology ACTIFLO® and the technology MULTIFLO® using variously modified classical methods of coagulation / flocculation and sedimentation; both of these technologies are also available in compact “plug and play” PACK versions
  • Flotation – we offer primarily DAF technology SPIDFLOW® both in concrete tanks for large plants and in the form of modular units (Spidflow Package Plant) for smaller sites
  • Filtration
  1. Sand (or MMF)
  2. Selective (i.e. to remove manganese and arsenic MANGAFLO TM PLUS )
  3. Activated carbon (for efficient separation of micro-pollutants Veolia offers FILTRAFLOTM CARB technology FILTRAFLO TM CARB)
For smaller and medium sites, we propose the steel filter press by the Czech manufacturers.
Their geometry is chosen according to the nature of the filtered medium and the requirements
for output quality. For large drinking water treatment plants, the atmospheric chamber filters
are used (always as part of the construction). Filter materials and fillings are supplied by
proven suppliers that guarantee the quality of the product (appropriate certificates are provided,
if necessary).
  • Ion exchange technology
  1. Water softening
  2. Decarbonisation
  3. Demineralization on conventional lines in lining cation exchange, anion exchange with counter current arrangement (DOW / Dupont-UPCORE, Lanxess-SCHWEBEBET)
  4. Final demineralization or MB treatment in purified water circuit
For large treatment plants, we use steel rubberized filters by the Czech manufacturers,
for smaller sites we use serial filters (GRP material); the Veolia Group also offers compact
unit RAPIDE STRATA TM; the supplies also include equipment for regeneration and neutralization of aggressive wastewater from regeneration.
  • Membrane technologies
  1. Microfiltration (MF)
  2. Ultrafiltration (UF)
  3. Nano filtration (NF)
  4. Reverse osmose (RO)
  5. Elektrodeionization (EDI, CEDI)
The membrane filtration is either tailored to the performance requirements and the
resulting quality of the treated water or there is a variant in a compact form
(systems SIRION TM). The filtration is always equipped with separation elements
from top world manufacturers DOW / Dupont, Hydranautics / Nitto, Toray, INGE,
Lanxess, PureWater Group etc. who provide complete technical support for our
designs. The choice of a particular separation element or its constructional arrangement
depends not only on the nature of the medium to be treated and the needs for
the resulting quality, but also on the customer's preferences.
  • Complementary technologies
  1. Water hygienization (ozonisation, UV lamps, dosage of chemicals)
  2. Membrane degassing

Our technologies for wastewater treatment
  • Primary treatment
  1. Flotation (SPIDFLOW®, IDRAFLOT®)
  2. Primary settling tanks, lamella separators, clarifiers (ACTIFLO®, MULTIFLO®)
  • Aerobic technologies
  1. Wide range of technologies AnoxKaldnes (MBBR TM, BAS TM, HYBAS TM)
  2. MBR (membrane reactor operating in aerobic mode BIOSEP TM)
  • Anaerobic technologies
  1. High-rate anaerobic reactors with granular biomass (BIOTHANE, UASB, EGSB)
  2. AnMBR (anaerobic membrane reactor MEMTHANE®)
  • Biogas treatment
  1. Biogas desulfurization (SulfothaneTM)
  2. Biogas upgrading to biomethane (MemGasTM)
  • Sludge water
  1. Nitrogen removal ANITA TM Mox
  • Final sludge treatment
  1. Thermal hydrolysis (BIOTHELYS TM, EXELYS TM)
  2. Sludge drying (BIOCO TM)
  3. Oxidation (ATHOS TM - wet oxidation)
  4. Pyrolysis (PYROFLUID TM - fluidized combustion)
  • Tertiary treatment
  1. Filtration and microfiltration (Hydrotech Drumfilter)
  2. Post-denitrification bio filter BIOSTYR TM
  3. Deodorization AQUILAIR™, ALIZAIR™
  • ZLD (Zero Liquid Discharge) – final wastewater precipitation (after sludge removal) into the crystals
  1. Evaporation
  2. Crystalization
Eva EVALED® for smaller plants, for larger
  • Wastewater recovery