Some export contracts are similar to turnkey contracts to their extent and the way of realization
(excluding the construction activities), in some cases, only the delivery of compact equipment
and supervision of its commissioning is required. This includes contracts, where we can propose
optimal technical and technological solutions for the treatment of process or drinking water or
wastewater purification to the required parameters for foreign industrial customers, directly or through
major Czech exporters. Part of the contract is the processing of project documentation, documentation
for the production of technological equipment, acceptance of individual equipment at the producers (FAT)
and as a necessary superstructure also the supervision of installation and commissioning.
Products and technologies for process and wastewater treatment developed and verified by the Veolia group
are primarily used for these projects, however, the final choice is determined by the requirements or
preferences of the customer.
For export contracts, we provide:

  • Assessment of the current state of technical and technological equipment
  • The analysis of customers’ needs
  • Selection of optimal technology
  • Economical and operational comparison of individual technologies
  • Processing of project documentation needed for different stages of preparation and realization of the order
  • Design and implementation of the measurement and control system including implementation into the customers system
  • Security of production and acceptance of equipment at suppliers (FAT)
  • Supervision of on-site assembly
  • Commissioning, testing, guarantee operation (verification of projected parameters)
  • Operator training

The target group includes industrial customers, engineering companies and general providers
operating abroad, or directly foreign customers. In countries where Veolia has local
representation, cooperation with these business units is used while preparing and implementing.