Industrial solutions

VWS MEMSEP offers a wide range of type technologies for water treatment for
industrial customers. Thanks to our comprehensive offer, we provide a solution
for source water treatment of different resulting qualities, adjusted to specific needs
of the customer (filtration, water softening, reverse osmosis, ultrafiltration, ion exchange
deionization or demineralization, electro-deionization, multi-technological systems,
clarification, flotation, evaporation, UV disinfection) 
Within this activity we offer and supply:

Standard compact units for water treatment

From a wide range of compact products designed for simple installation
and commissioning („plug and play“) we offer eg.: 

Operating materials and separation elements for membrane technologies

  • ion exchange materials of various manufacturers (DOW, Purolite, LANXESS)
  • Multimedia filter cartridges (gravel, sand, GAU, PAU, natural and prepared filter materials)
  • MF/UF/NF/RO/MBR elements of various manufacturers (DOW, HYDRANAUTICS, INGE, PENTAIR, SUEZ, Toray)

Chemical products Hydrex  
Laboratory systems Elga
Service and support for industrial solutions
For equipment and chemicals delivered by us, based on closed long-term service
contracts or ad hoc orders we ensure:

  • Regular monitoring, check of the condition and proper function of equipment, maintenance, replacement or regeneration of operating materials, replacement of separation elements
  • Replacement of materials and installation of spare parts
  • Support for equipment configuration design, design or validation of operating parameters, calculation of doses and consumption of correction chemicals, calculation of operating costs
  • Control and evaluation of chemical regimes, regular settings, draft measures

Rental of mobile water treatment units