Design and engineering services, feasibility studies

Within the design function we process:

  • Projects for building permits and contractor selection
  • Documentation for execution of construction - implementation documents, POV, POM
  • Production or design documentation
  • Algorithms for autonomous devices, data for visualization
  • Documentation of trials
  • Documentation of actual implementation
  • Feasibility study
  • Testing

Microsoft® Office, AutoCAD LT ® a modeling of the program SOLIDWORKS including superstructure programs.
Balancing computational programs (PEARL, SIMULO), are used for modeling, they use specialized
design programs from manufacturers of individual technologies developed within the group (e. g. OPADEL,
MBBR, Hybas, Biolog, DigeBil) or programs of renowned world producers of operating materials
or membrane separation elements (e. g.  IMSDesign, Wave, ROSA, CADIX, LewaPlus).

Feasibility study:
Comprehensive feasibility studies include:

  • Analysis and detailed evaluation of the technical and operational status of existing technological processes
  • Design of new technology or optimization of operation of existing technological processes
  • Alternative solution of reconstruction/optimization of water purification plant, wastewater treatment plant and WWTP, evaluation of variants in terms of ensuring the required quality of treated water, in terms of operational and investment costs.

Testing in a laboratory or quarter-operating scale on realistic or simulated waters and solutions.
For laboratory tests of membrane separation processes with compressive momentum we cooperate with top workplaces (VŠCHT, MBÚ ČSAV).
For on-site tests we have a pilot UF device in 20 shipping container, similarly, we have other possibilities to test different technologies,
e. g. ANITATMMOX, or ACTIFLO®. In addition, it is possible to use various devices from the division portfolio of Mobile Water Service,
or different companies within the Veolia group if needed (e. g. Idraflot®, MANGAFLOTM ).