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Environmental Footprint

As a provider of environmental services, VWS MEMSEP is focusing on delivering cutting-edge technologies and innovative, integrated solutions to help its clients grow sustainably.

Water footprint: new decision-making tools for sustainability

70% of the planet is covered by water, but only 0.7% of the global water resource is freshwater available to us, and it is very unevenly distributed across the planet.
In the past few years, we have witnessed a growing demand from municipalities and leading industrial companies for a better understanding of the environmental and economic risks attached to the water challenge.

Understanding and quantifying the impact on water resources is essential to maintain the sustainability and future prosperity of the planet: there is no substitute for water.

Going beyond a volumetric index

Volume is a very good indicator to raise awareness but not sufficient to represent the impact on a water resource.
Developed by Veolia Water, the Water Impact Index expands on existing volume-based water measurement tools by factoring in three essential elements: quantity of water used, level of stress upon water resources and overall water quality.

If correctly valued, water will be better managed

With that in mind, Veolia has embarked on the development of a "True Cost of Water" tool that combines traditional CAPEX and OPEX calculations with analysis of water risks and their financial implications.

Without water we cannot grow

Growth requires water. Yet many water resources are under tremendous stress. Growing Blue is a data rich resource that enables us to understand the challenges and identify the solutions to our water future.

Carbon footprint

Opting for a carbon-efficient solution makes our customers less vulnerable to hydrocarbon scarcity, tensions on energy prices and government regulations and taxation.

Carbon footprint reduction program

Veolia has put in place a carbon footprint reduction program which drives innovation, accelerates adoption and development of clean technologies for water treatment and provides our customers with sustainable solutions.
This program has been implemented corporate-wide along with procedures, systems and key performance indicators which ensure continuous development of innovative technologies designed to meet our municipal and industrial customers' environmental and financial goals.

Quantify emissions, optimize processes

We benchmark our technologies and solutions by performing total carbon cost analysis over the lifetime of the installations and we use this data to develop carbon efficient, integrated water treatment solutions. Direct and indirect GHG emissions expressed in tons of carbon equivalent (CO2-eq) are taken into account, in line with the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Scope 1, 2 and 3 boundary conditions.

Creating responsible value

We work with municipalities and industrial clients to perform such financial analysis by evaluating the direct and indirect economic impact of CO2 reduction.
Investing in a carbon efficient solution makes our customers less vulnerable to hydrocarbon scarcity, tensions on energy prices and government regulations and taxation. By committing to the innovative development of environmentally conscious water technologies and solutions worldwide, Veolia will continue to maximize the financial benefits for every customer.



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