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Our business linesProcess water export

Process water export

VWS MEMSEP is an engineering company providing complex solutions for process water (and waste water) in Central and Eastern Europe and Russia.

Our main activities

Our company offers a wide range of process water solutions and specific technologies for clarification. Thanks to our experience, we can provide:

  • Full Project Management,
  • Design,
  • Supply of Equipment,
  • Supervision,
  • Commissioning. 

Potential fields of cooperation

  • Analyzing the clients' needs
  • Choosing the optimum technology
  • Business and operational comparisons of various technologies
  • Contract management
  • Design, delivery of equipments
  • Supervision of installation, project management
  • Commissioning
  • Initial training of operating staff

Target Group

• Czech export financed projects, European Area, Russia.
• Clients: Industry, design companies, Czech export-oriented general contractors, long-term clients.

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