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About us

About us

VWS MEMSEP is a Czech technological company which designs and builds water treatment plants and related network facilities for public and industrial clients.

We offer a wide range of technologies to our clients for their water treatment facility and network construction needs. Together with our clients we are able to find an optimal technological solution as well as an appropriate mix of investment and operating costs.

Through our four main business lines, we aim to offer complete solutions to our clients.


September 1991 - MEMSEP, spol. s.r.o. – Limited liability company established with headquarters at Prague 5, U Nikolajky. The firm’s early activities were oriented predominantly toward engineering, consulting, expert assessment, servicing, and testing in the area of application of membrane separation techniques applicable to the treatment of technological solutions destined for various segments of the processing industries: pharmacy, food industry and beverage sectors. Gradually, activities were developed in the area of water treatment using ion exchange and membrane technologies, primarily oriented to large industrial clients and the energy sector.

May 2007 – VWS MEMSEP is established as a limited liability company, 100% owned by the international Veolia Group.

August 2012 – in connection with a change to Veolia Group’s organizational structure, the new 100% owner of VWS MEMSEP Co. Ltd. becomes SADE.

February 2014 – the headquarters of VWS MEMSEP moves to the address Sokolovská 100/94, Meteor Center Office Park B, 186 00  Prague 8, Czech Republic.


VWS MEMSEP is a technological company which designs and builds water treatment plants and related network facilities for public and industrial clients.

A member of the International Veolia Group, the company is a recognized expert in its discipline, and guarantor of quality in water and wastewater treatment, ranging from design to turnkey project implementation both for the municipal sphere and for various industries.

Our company offers a broad range of engineering solutions including both projects starting from scratch on greenfield sites and reconstruction projects, as well as projects aiming to intensify and optimize existing processes.
In close cooperation with the client, we seek the best solutions and offer the optimal technologies (making use of the latest research, on-site process testing, and worldwide know-how).

Mission - Vision

VWS MEMSEP is the natural technological partner for any solutions destined for water treatment needs. We offer a wide range of technologies for water treatment facilities and network construction, focusing on clients from both industry and municipalities. Through our 4 main business lines, we aim to offer complete solutions:

1. D&B Industry (Design and Building for industry): VWS MEMSEP is an integrator of technologies for turnkey projects.
2. Process water export: VWS MEMSEP is an engineering company providing complex solutions for process water (and waste water) in Central and Eastern Europe and Russia
3. T&N Municipal (Technology and Network): VWS MEMSEP builds and rehabilitates water or waste water networks and related facilities.
4. Industrial solutions: VWS MEMSEP proposes a complete range of technological solutions, equipment, modular systems, chemicals, and services for water treatment.

Our vision is to provide all customers with appropriate solutions to meet their needs and requirements. To provide water and wastewater services in a socially responsible manner while dealing with the pressures on the environment. All activities of the company conform to the policy of sustainable development, incessantly seeking the most progressive and environmentally clean solutions.
This objective is achieved if we respect our corporate values, which include: customer focus, technical excellence, innovation and accountability.



Sokolovská 100/94
186 00 Praha 8
Tel.: + 420 251 561 468

VWS MEMSEP s.r.o - Sokolovská 100/94 - 186 00 Praha 8 - Česká republika - Tel.: + 420 251 561 468